Arno Auer
»Wirr singt das Volk.«

Toulu Hassani
»Soothe the Swift«

Ingo Mittelstaedt
»Martel S.«

Arno Auer »Wirr singt das Volk.« Toulu Hassani »Soothe the Swift« Ingo Mittelstaedt »Martel S.«
Kunstverein Hannover

Presenting the works of Arno Auer (*1977 in Munich), Toulu Hassani (*1984 in Ahwaz, Iran), and Ingo Mittelstaedt (*1978 in Berlin) Kunstverein Hannover is showing three parallel exhibitions of former recipients of the Kunstverein Award, the Studio Grant »Villa Minimo« (2013/2014).

The work of Arno Auer is defined by an ongoing investigation of issues dealing with media and social critique, which draw on exhaustive research processes for each specific project. At the core of his work is an examination of the image as a medium of information and its impact on the shaping of public opinion. Auer also explores the political dimension of journalistic reporting.

For the exhibition at the Kunstverein, Auer has specifically developed a large-scale, site-specific work, which draws on the history of the dissemination of right-wing ideology in the historical context of the Kunstverein Hannover and links these observations with the current rise of right-wing populism in Germany. The path through the installation is complemented by a dialogue developed in cooperation with the director Kevin Rittberger, which is presented both as a sound document and as a live performance carried out in cooperation with the Schauspiel Hannover.

The works of Toulu Hassani reveal intimate visual worlds void of any representational idiom, in which she interrogates the structural underpinnings of painting and the painting process. An exceptional precision in the application of paint and a delight in experimentation form the basis of her sensual and conceptual investigation of the medium of painting. The exhibition provides insights into the artist’s complex body of work: from small-format images with pulsing grid-like structures to works showing gradual transitions from one color scheme to the next, and even object-like sculptures made from epoxy resin, wood, or animal skins.

The photographic work of Ingo Mittelstaedt is constituted by painstakingly staged images, which explore the line between representation and abstraction or found and choreographed scenarios. In a tension-infused play with art historical references, abstract compositions suggesting spatial depth are generated from found everyday materials. The artist also directs the gaze to focus on unusual perspectives of museum presentation and natural forms. For his exhibition Mittelstaedt has developed a complex, site-specific work dedicated to the life and work of designer Martel Schwichtenberg (1896–1945).

Arno Auer  	»Wirr singt das Volk.«, 2016
Arno Auer »Wirr singt das Volk.«, 2016
Toulu Hassani 	»Soothe the Swift«, 2016
Toulu Hassani »Soothe the Swift«, 2016
Toulu Hassani 	»Untitled«, 2014
Toulu Hassani »Untitled«, 2014
Ingo Mittelstaedt 	»Martel S.«, 2016
Ingo Mittelstaedt »Martel S.«, 2016
Ingo Mittelstaedt
Ingo Mittelstaedt