Koenraad Dedobbeleer’s (b. 1975 in Halle / BE, lives and works in Brussels) work sharpens our perception of various objects and their appearance – whether that’s as a sculpture that is simultaneously both a sculpture and the pedestal of a …more

The presentation at Kunstverein Hannover is American artist Kaari Upson’s (b. 1972 in San Bernadino, lives in Los Angeles) first institutional exhibition in Germany. Upson’s multilayered sculptural, drawing-based, and cinematic works explore …more

In his medium-spanning artistic oeuvre, Manuel Graf (b. 1978 in Bühl, lives in Düsseldorf) pursues a critical confrontation at the boundary between social utopia and real everyday reality. Precisely observed, his works offer a kaleidoscopic look at …more

Henrike Naumann’s (b. 1984) artistic practice takes »German-German unification« and its consequences as its starting point. What happened after 1989, and how has identity been shaped since then? …more