Koenraad Dedobbeleer’s (b. 1975 in Halle / BE, lives and works in Brussels) work sharpens our perception of various objects and their appearance – whether that’s as a sculpture that is simultaneously both a sculpture and the pedestal of a …more

The exhibition “Artistic Intelligence” explores artistic strategies that deal with the influence of algorithms, machines and artificial intelligence. Works address the creeping paternalism and independence of human decision-making, new forms of …more

The work of American artist Kaari Upson (b. 1972 in San Bernadino, lives in Los Angeles) appears in European institutions for the first time with three exhibitions (Kunsthalle Basel, Kunstverein Hannover, Gerneentemuseum Den Haag). The show includes …more

In his medium-spanning artistic oeuvre, Manuel Graf (b. 1978 in Bühl, lives in Düsseldorf) pursues a critical confrontation at the boundary between social utopia and real everyday reality. Precisely observed, his works offer a kaleidoscopic look at …more

Henrike Naumann (b. 1984 in Zwickau, lives in Berlin) creates cinematic and installation works focused on the consequences of reunification and analyzes the German-German history (history of the former East and West Germanies) to be found in any …more