With the international group show "Die Sehnsucht des Kartografen" (The Cartographer's Longing), the Kunstverein ends it program for 2003 that dealt with orientation and identity. More than twenty contemporary artists from home and abroad examine the importance of systems of order such as cartography, archival structures and scientific systematizations for today's artistic production. Some of the works were realized exclusively for the Kunstverein and supported by an exhibition dramaturgy that even includes the lobby and the library. more

Walter Niedermayr (born 1952 in Bolzano, South Tirol), is among the most important photographers of his generation. He achieved international recognition with his first large cycle, "Die Bleichen Berge" (The Pale Mountains), which was bestowed with the "European Photography Award" in 1995.more

Oliver Boberg's (born 1965 in Herten) photographs and films depict places that seem all too familiar at first sight. Their reality is that of omnipresent non-places, which could be anywhere and nowhere. His works awake collective memories of all of those underpasses and backyards that one has presumably seen countless times and which have impressed themselves in our minds as archetypical images.more

Kunstverein Hannover

Since his appearances at the Venice Biennale 2001 and the Documenta 11, Luc Tuymans can be counted among the most important international painters of his generation. The Belgian artist, who was born in 1958 in Mortsel/Antwerp, has developed an extraordinarily complex oeuvre since the late 1980s thatquestions the status of the picture in the gulf between presentation and representation. more

For more than a decade, the skeletons, stuffed bears and bisons, as well as the scientific categorizations and ecological tables by the American artist Mark Dion (born 1961 in New Bedford, Massachusetts) belong to the most fascinating eye-catchers in international exhibitions. In the show Mark Dion – Encyclomania, the Kunstverein Hannover presents an overview of Dion's sensuous and theoretical installations and drawings since 1992, presenting a comprehensive panorama of the artist's diverse aesthetic concepts.more