TAUCHFAHRTEN (DIVING TRIPS) is a thematic exhibition project that intends to examine the relationship between visibility and invisibility in contemporary art based on the medium of drawing. This discussion based on the perspective of the drawing has proven itself to be fruitful because its basic ambivalence between being a preparatory work, usually a sketch, that remains invisible to the viewer, and a valid, autonomous work that encompasses the above mentioned balance between disappearance and presence.more

The Kunstverein Hannover understands itself to be a point of intersection for imparting regional, national and international contemporary art. At the regional level, the Fall Exhibition, which takes place every two years, is the only institution in Lower Saxony that consistently presents an overview of excellent local young artistic positions. With PLATTFORM, intended as an annual event, the Kunstverein wishes on the one hand to increase awareness of the regional art scene and to draw public attention to the important connection between education, training and exhibition communication on the other. more

As the only overview show dealing with contemporary art in Lower Saxony, the Fall Exhibition has a great deal of importance for the cultural and art political profile of the state. In order to give the breadth of the positions developed here an adequate platform, the Kunstverein looks for further exhibition partners for every presentation, and to provide as intensive an overview of the most important Lower Saxon positions as possible, our search is limited to sites in Hannover.more

The works by the Austrian artist Peter Kogler (born 1959), a two-time Documenta participant, are made up of only a few sign-like elements. Since 1984, he has developed complicated and enterable labyrinths on walls, floors and ceilings from motifs of the human brain, ants and pipes. Unlike any other contemporary artistic oeuvre, he formulates specific images for a world that is increasingly being ruled by the flow of information and electronic communications, and connects this visualization simultaneously to the physical experience of placelessness and disorientationmore

With Ingrid Calame (born 1965), Mathilde ter Heijne (born 1969) and Jörg Wagner (born 1967) the Kunstverein Hannover presents three young artists, whose complex and promising works have until now been seen in part by a larger German public only. Their medial and contextual methods are, however, too diverse, that a joint exhibition can be comfortably united under the singular label of a thematic show. more

For about decade, Leni Hoffmann (born 1962), who lives and works in Düsseldorf, has been following a highly complex and aesthetically convincing pictorial concept. Her consistently innovative und surprising variations explore that prolific boundary between painting and sculpture, between space and surface. more