beautiful one day, perfect the next

LENI HOFFMANN beautiful one day, perfect the next
Kunstverein Hannover

For about decade, Leni Hoffmann (born 1962), who lives and works in Düsseldorf, has been following a highly complex and aesthetically convincing pictorial concept. Her consistently innovative und surprising variations explore that prolific boundary between painting and sculpture, between space and surface.

Her kneaded geometrical surfaces, the wood and plaster blocks that jut out at right angles from the wall, as well as the aggressive color scheme and sensuous surfaces of her materials serve to make the surrounding architecture more dynamic: A multifaceted compositional intertwining of colors and forms is created, which neither the space nor the viewer can resist. The rectangular wooden block integrated into the floor covering, the geometric pattern of the glass wall, the lopsided polished floor and the dominating staircase are among the elements used by the artist in works that extend into existing space.

In the aftermath of exhibitions by David Reed (2002) and Luc Tuymans (2003), the Kunstverein Hannover is offering yet another central contribution to the current discussion of contemporary painting. In addition, the show in the Kunstverein Hannover is the first comprehensive presentation of Hoffmanns works since 1999 and it is also her first large solo exhibition in Germany.