82nd Autumn Exhibition of Lower Saxon Artists

PANORMA 82nd Autumn Exhibition of Lower Saxon Artists
Kunstverein Hannover

Daniel Behrendt, Urte Brandes, Rebekka Brunke, Thomas Cena, Derk Claassen, CLAP – Clube de Arte Porto/Daniel Schürer, Thomas Dillmann, Christian Dootz, Harald Falkenhagen, Dieter Froelich, Christoph Girardet, Jutta Haeckel, Peter Heber, Christian Helwing, Petra Kaltenmorgen, Hans Karl, Wolfgang Kessler, Florian Krautkrämer, Sandra Kuhne, Lotte Lindner, Sylwia Ludas, Hannes Malte Mahler, Reiner Matysik, Stefan Mauck, Florian Merkel, Christiane Möbus, Christian Nolting, Poison Idea, Uwe Schinn, Julia Schmid, Christine Schulz, Marina Schulze, Rüdiger Stanko, Timm Ulrichs, Matten Vogel, Hans-Albert Walter, Raimund Zakowski

As the only overview show dealing with contemporary art in Lower Saxony, the Fall Exhibition has a great deal of importance for the cultural and art political profile of the state. In order to give the breadth of the positions developed here an adequate platform, the Kunstverein looks for further exhibition partners for every presentation, and to provide as intensive an overview of the most important Lower Saxon positions as possible, our search is limited to sites in Hannover. For the coming Fall Exhibition PANORAMA, it was possible to obtain two additional exhibition venues, the Kunsthalle Faust and the privately operated Kesselhaus (Boiler House), which programmatically as spatially are ideal to attractively enlarge the Kunstverein's offerings. The Fall Exhibition does not understand itself to be a conglomeration for the art of the region, but rather as a precise platform for excellent works. Quality is thus a high priority in the selection of the participating artists. Traditionally, the winners of studio stipendiums in the “Villa Minimo” and the exhibition in the Kunstverein that goes along with the Prize of the Kunstverein Hannover, as well as the winner of Art Prize of the Sparkasse Hannover are chosen within the framework of the Fall Exhibition. A top-class national jury chooses the participating artists as well as the prizewinners. The exhibition, which will be supplemented by many events, will be accompanied by a catalog containing a commentated overview of the exhibition venues and art colleges in Lower Saxony.

Preis des Kunstvereins Hannover: Stefan Jeep und Ho-Yeol Ryu.
Preis der Sparkasse Hannover: Frank Rosenthal.