83rd Autumn Exhibition of Lower Saxon Artists

Heimspiel 83rd Autumn Exhibition of Lower Saxon Artists
Kunstverein Hannover

Degenhard Andrulat, Katharina Arndt, Thomas Behling, Daniel Behrendt, Götz Bergmann, Rolf Bier, Fabian Bahnmann, Michael Botor, Astrid Brandt, Johann Büsen, Lisa Busche, Bettina Cohnen, Franziska Cordes, Stefan Demming, Thomas Dillmann, Jacqueline Doyen, Max Elzholz, Birte Endrejat, Dennis Feddersen, Dennis Feser, Christiane Fichtner, Thomas Ganzenmüller, Sebastian Gräfe, Sebasian Grätz, Nicolas Hallbaum, Cosima Hanebeck, Peter Heber, Dirk Hennig, Ute Heuer, Gilta Jansen, Claudia Kapp, Ralf Küster, Sandra Kuhne, Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner, Andrea von Lüdinghausen, Hannes Malte Mahler, Thomas Misik, Johanna von Monkiewitsch, Stefan Roigk, Frank Rosenthal, Antje Schiffers, Andy Scholz, Daniel Schürer, Christine Schulz, Rainer Splitt, Rüdiger Stanko, Ralf Tekaat, Timm Ulrichs, Janina Wick

As the only survey of Lower Saxon contemporary art, the "Herbstausstellung" (Autumn Exhibition) is incalculably important for the cultural and educational policy profile of the state. To suitably present the wide-range of positions created here, the Kunstverein Hannover endeavors to find additional exhibition partners for each presentation.
In order to present as concentrated an overall view of the most important positions in the Lower Saxon art scene as possible, we have previously limited ourselves to additional exhibition venues in Hannover. For the coming "Herbstausstellung" Heimspiel, the focus will extend beyond Lower Saxony and Bremen to include Hamburg. The exhibition will illuminate an artistic region outside the classic art centers, which, with its distinguished art colleges in Hamburg, Bremen and Braunschweig, has long produced many young up-and-coming artists.

The "Herbstausstellung" understands itself not simply as a collecting point for the region's artworks, but rather a specific platform for exceptional positions. Quality has a high priority in the selection of the participating artists. Traditionally, the grants awarded along the Kunstverein Hannover Prize, which consist of two-year studio stipendiums in the "Villa Minimo” as well as a concluding exhibition in the Kunstverein, and the winner of the "Kunstpreis der Sparkasse Hannover” (Art Prize of the Sparkasse Hannover) are chosen within the framework of the "Herbstausstellung". A prominent jury with regional and national members selects the participating artists as well as the various prizewinners.

The exhibition will be accompanied by many events as well as a catalog including a commentated survey of the exhibition venues and art colleges in the state.

Rolf Bier
Rolf Bier
Rolf Bier
Rolf Bier