What Aernout Mik gives us to see remains even more in our memory because it structurally remains insolvably mysterious in spite of their virtuoso cinematic descriptiveness. Since the successes of his pieces "Reversal Room", "Glutinosity", and "Middlemen" (all 2001) at the very latest, the Dutch artist born in Groningen in 1962 can be counted amongst the most renown video artists of his generation.more

The exhibition aspires to discuss current artistic production in Germany in conjunction with the broad-based internationality of the artistic scene here. The title "Made in Germany" is to be understood programmatically insofar as it no longer primarily connects questions of artistic identity to origins and biography, but rather in the context of the production site. Against this backdrop, an examination of the conditions and potentials of artistic production in Germany will play a major role within the entire project.more

Mark Manders has developed installative sculptural works since the late 1980s that are laid out as fragments of a self-portrait in the form of imaginary rooms. Since participating at the XXIV Biennale in São Paolo (1998), the Venice Biennale (2001), and the Documenta XI (2002), the Dutch artist (born 1968) has emerged as one of the most distinctive and independent positions within the international sculptural practice of the present day.more

With the double exhibition Stefan Jeep (born 1968) and Ho-Yeol Ryu (born 1971), the Kunstverein Hannover presents the two winners of the Kunstverein Prize 2004. The show encompassing the entire Kunstverein represents the winners' first comprehensive solo exhibitions in a nationwide exhibition space. The artists will primarily show the results of their two-year stay at the Kunstverein's studio house, the Villa Minimo.more

he Kunstverein Hannover understands itself as the intersection for the dissemination of regional, national, and international contemporary art. Along with the yearly rotating PLATTFORM series initiated in 2004, the Kunstverein Hannover turns the public' attention to the relationship between artistic training, art teaching and art education, a relationship which is of eminent importance for the entire art world. more