Kunstverein Hannover

In Cooperation with the Art Academy Malmø, Sweden
CROSSKICK – a project of the Association of German Kunstvereins funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation

The Kunstverein Hannover understands itself as the intersection for the dissemination of regional, national, and international contemporary art. Along with the yearly rotating PLATTFORM series initiated in 2004, the Kunstverein Hannover turns the public' attention to the relationship between artistic training, art teaching and art education, a relationship which is of eminent importance for the entire art world. The Plattform format differs conceptually from the usual master-student exhibitions: Instead of simply using the Kunstverein as a venue to show artworks, it will be transformed into an open workshop stage that grants a special status to processual works and discussion groups. Until now, the project was consciously kept on a local level with the intention of increasing awareness in excellent artistic positions from the Lower Saxon art scene. With Plattform #4 in September 2007, the project will be realized for the first time in an international context in cooperation with the renowned Malmø Art Academy (Sweden).

Plattform #4 takes its place within the framework of the two-year exhibition series "Crosskick". A total of thirteen German Kunstvereins are participating in the Crosskick project, which was initiated by the AdKV (Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Kunstvereine / Association of German Kunstvereins). In this project, 30 European art colleges will be presented and different models of art education, art production, and art education in East and West Europe will be offered for discussion.

A jury comprising curators from the Kunstverein and professors from the Art Academy selected 21 positions from the fields of sculpture, painting and photography that simultaneously serve as an inventory of the academy's activities and as an illustration of the Malmø Art Academy's current status quo. In accordance with the discussion-oriented tradition of the Malmø Art Academy, the discursive program offered during the exhibition is intended as a contribution to a fundamental reappraisal of specific questions concerning art colleges as well as general questions on matters of teaching, education and art appreciation for the general public.

Fredrik Norén
Fredrik Norén
Cedric Bomford
Cedric Bomford