Kunstverein Hannover

Sprengel Museum Hannover – kestnergesellschaft – Kunstverein Hannover

The exhibition aspires to discuss current artistic production in Germany in conjunction with the broad-based internationality of the artistic scene here. The title "Made in Germany" is to be understood programmatically insofar as it no longer primarily connects questions of artistic identity to origins and biography, but rather in the context of the production site. Against this backdrop, an examination of the conditions and potentials of artistic production in Germany will play a major role within the entire project.

Made in Germany is being organized as a project that will – for the first time in this regard – demonstrate artistic production in Germany as an interdependent network of national circumstances, differing biographical and national specifics as well as the ensuing cultural exchange. In order to realize the broad scope of this project, the Sprengel Museum, the kestnergesellschaft and the Kunstverein Hannover have joined forces in a cooperative effort. It is not only the first time that the three major institutions in Hannover concerned with the dissemination of modern and contemporary art have ever worked on a joint project. Made in Germany is structured as dialogical exhibition encompassing approximately 50 artists, of whom about half are German and the other half foreigners who live and work in Germany. With this equal representation, the show takes a firm stance against the rigid grid of nationality as the framework for artistic production on the one hand. On the other hand, however, the dialogue-oriented confrontation allows for the direct comparison of artistic positions and their varying artistic and biographical prerequisites, thereby clearly indicating artistic production in Germany as a stimulating cooperation and interaction of identity and "alterity".

The catalog will provide a broad, discursive appraisal of the subject matter along with a complete documentation of the works in the exhibition in addition to a concise overview of the oeuvres of the participating artists. It will also contain fundamental theoretical texts dealing will the economic, aesthetic, and intellectual prerequisites of the project.