Northern Lights

84th Autumn Exhibition of Lower Saxon Artists

Northern Lights 84th Autumn Exhibition of Lower Saxon Artists
Kunstverein Hannover

Degenhard Andrulat, Katharina Arndt, Norbert Bauer/Ralf Tekaat, Rolf Bier, Annemarie Blohm, Baldur Burwitz, Lisa Busche, Claudia Christoffel, Bettina Cohnen, Franziska Cordes, Thomas Dillmann, Christian Dootz, Dennis Feser, Dieter Froelich, Christian Haake, Tatjana Hallbaum, Margrèt Ròs Hardardòttir, Petra Kaltenmorgen, Hans Karl, Delia Keller, Kalin Lindena, Lotte Lindner/Till Steinbrenner, Axel Loytved, Andrea v. Lüdinghausen, Mirko Martin, Christiane Möbus, Daniel Mueller-Friedrichsen, Sebastian Neubauer, Christiane Oppermann, Olav Raschke, Christine Schulz, Preechaya Siripanich, Özlem Sulak, Timm Ulrichs, Anna-Roberta Vattes, Ralf Ziervogel

28. June 2008–17. August 2008

As the only survey exhibition dealing with contemporary art in Lower Saxony and Bremen, the Fall Exhibition occupies a significant place in the state’s cultural and educational profile. A total of 36 artistic positions selected from over 390 entries will be presented from June 28 to August 17 at the Kunstverein Hannover, the Nord/LB art gallery and the Kunsthalle Faust. “Northern Lights” presents important figures of Northern German art scene such as Timm Ulrichs, Christiane Möbus, Hans Karl, and Rolf Bier alongside previously unknown talents. Traditionally, the stipends for the “Prize of the Kunstverein Hannover” as well as winner of the “Art Prize of the Sparkasse Hannover” is chosen from among the artists selected by the jury.

Degenhard Andrulat receives the Art Prize of the Sparkasse Hannover
The Prize of the Kunstverein – Studio Stipend Villa Minimo goes to Özlem Sulak and Sebastian Neubauer

Aside from internationally renowned young artists such as Ralf Ziervogel and Kalin Lindena, an on-site installation by Timm Ulrichs can be seen in the Kunstverein Hannover which playfully illuminates the conditions and deficiencies of our perceptions. With Baldur Burwitz’s piece “Loop,” a combination of stair lift and rollercoaster, you can (at least in your imagination) travel through the Kunstverein.

In the NORD/LB art gallery, Thomas Dillmann’s paintings and Petra Kaltenmorgen’s photographs turn the everyday into the grey and drab of the foreign and privative. Andrea von Lüdinghausen breaks through the boundaries of the exhibition space with photographic means. Rolf Bier, on the other hand, collected day for day over the course of an entire year all the animals he has seen and captures them in his book “Animals in my World – My World of Animals.”

In the Kunsthalle Faust, Christian Haake poses questions about the true to scale-like aspects of reality, perception, and image in his installations and objects while Christine Schulz’s installation deals with cornerstones of mobility such as tourism, traffic, and migration and simultaneously stages a multimedia firework comprising film, sound, slides, and light. Mirko Martin’s photographs take the narrow path between the actual and cineaste Hollywood when he takes pictures on and at the edges of elaborate film sets.
This brief selection already indicates the exciting heterogeneity of the Lower Saxon art scene that in this year too is characterized by a high-quality field of applicants as well as in the impressive tour through the three North Light" venues of this year's Fall Exhibition.

25 Years Prize of the Kunstverein Hannover – Studio Stipend Villa Minimo

The Kunstverein is taking the opportunity of the 25th anniversary of the “Prize of the Kunstverein Hannover – Studio Stipend Villa Minimo” to offer an appreciation of the prize and present the prize’s past, present, and future. In a commemorative exhibition, three galleries of the Kunstverein are devoted to current works by past prize winners and illustrate the history of the prize based on documentation and press material.
The Prize of the Kunstverein Hannover is one of the most comprehensive and therefore important advancement stipends Lower Saxony. It comprises a studio stipend in the “Villa Minimo” of the Gundlach Company and a subsequent exhibition with publication in the Kunstverein. The stipend commences where artistic development needs it most: ensuring living and working space as well as living costs. Over the past 25 years, 33 artists have received the stipend.