Die Kunsthochschule Kassel zu Gast im Kunstverein Hannover

PLATTFORM #5 Die Kunsthochschule Kassel zu Gast im Kunstverein Hannover
Kunstverein Hannover

The Kunstverein Hannover understands itself as a point of intersection in the transmission of regional, national, and international contemporary art. With the PLATTFORM series conceived as an annual event, the Kunstverein Hannover wants to heighten awareness in the regional art scene on the one hand and to direct the public's attention to the extremely important relationship between artistic training, art teaching and art education on the other. Against this background, PLATTFORM was previously organised as a cooperative project with two art academies, the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braun-
schweig and the Fachhochschule in Hannover and was continued in the last years together with the HFBK Hamburg and the Art Academy Malmø in Sweden.

The concept of this fifth edition of the project, for which the Kunsthochschule Kassel could be won over as a partner, is very different than the usual master student exhibitions. Instead of simply using the Kunstverein as a venue to show works of art, it will be turned into an open workshop stage. The exhibition planned within this framework is intended to be a work in progress open in all directions. This means concretely: a jury consisting of the curators of the Kunstverein and professors from the Academy will select those students from the Academy whose works are not conceived as static exhibition products, but rather as flexible, processual contributions. Based on a joint discussion, the form and mutual influences of the positions will constantly change and shift during the four day presentation.

This processual focus will be accompanied by a regionally as well as nationally oriented group of lectures, round table discussions, and a symposium. These events are intended to serve as discussion platforms contributing to a fundamental reappraisal of questions dealing with specific matters concerning art colleges as well as general questions on matters of teaching, education and art appreciation for the general public.

Holger Trepke
Holger Trepke