In his drawings, texts, objects, photographs and videos, Friedrich Kunath deals with such themes as longing, melancholy, loneliness, wanderlust and wistfulness from a subjective viewpoint that finds expression in titles like Homesick, I am a stranger here or I may not always love you. He combines personal life experiences with literary, musical or art historical references into visual, ironic commentaries in various media. The installative total context of his exhibitions forms narrative contexts between the individual pieces that lead to the viewer to a fantastic world of associations.more

Simon Dybbroe Møller subjects twentieth-century avant-garde to a subjective revision in his work. The installations, collages, films, and sculptures play with works of Minimal At and Concept Art as well as Constructivism, De Stijl or the Bauhaus and transform their conceptual strategies into narrations that are as sentimental as they are analytical.more

David Thorpe (born 1972) has developed parallel worlds of breathtaking beauty since the late nineteen nineties whose visionary character is fed by his passion for utopian ways of life. Thorpe’s collages, sculptures, and space-filling installations are characterized by the meticulous application of handicraft techniques and unusual combinations of materials.more

The short films, sculptures, and installations by João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva move in the area between myth and science, and they tell of nature’s magic and mysteries. The spatial combination and juxtaposition of documentaries dealing with simple, quasi scientific experiments, observations on nature, short wondrous narrations and extrasensory phenomena challenges the usual perception of the world and moves in metaphysical dimensions. more

The dialogic structure of the exhibition program is taken up in the Oppositions & Dialogues exhibition and examined based on works of art from the nineteen sixties to the present.more

This double exhibition with works by Claudia Kapp (born 1972) and Jacqueline Doyen (born 1978) is devoted to the two recipients of the 2006 “Prize of the Kunstverein Hannover.” The focus of their works’ representative overview lies upon the results of their two-year residency at the Villa Minimo, the studio house of the Kunstverein Hannover. more