The Kunstverein Hannover and the Sprengel Museum Hannover present one of the most comprehensive surveys of the work by the concept artist Timm Ulrichs (born 1940). Timm Ulrichs’ oeuvre not only has an undisputed art historical importance, but has also gained a new relevance against the backdrop of contemporary art production. This joint exhibition project is thus not only occasioned by Timm Ulrichs’ 70th birthday and five decades of artistic activities in Hannover, but also by the significance of his work, which is still pertinent in the context of recent contemporary art through the increased recourse to conceptual paradigms. The double exhibition encompasses his early works from the nineteen sixties to recent productions that have been developed especially for this exhibition.more

The immense depth effect of David Schnell’s (*1971) large-scale paintings virtually pullst he viewer into the pictorial space. The focus of his equally emotional and analytical image worlds is set on the examination of lanscape and spacial construction in the image space. With the use of different vanishing point perspectives and a caleidoscopic dynamic sampling of space, the Leipzig-based painter redefines the genre of landscape painting.more

Under the title “Onomatopoeia”, the Kunstverein Hannover proudly presents the latest works by Scottish artist Charles Avery (born 1973), who has devoted himself exclusively to the creation of a fictional island archipelago since 2004. In detailed, large-scale drawings, installations, sculptures and objects, Avery forms a bizarre imaginary reality out of diverse philosophical ideas and concepts: Fabulous creatures, deities, tourists and adventurers are embedded in a complex social structure, merging into an entire cosmos that ranges between pure fantasy and theoretical reflection.more

Matthias Bitzer combines sculpture, wall drawing and installation to form an experience space of history. The works are positioned in the tension field between abstract and figurative imaging techniques that overlay each other and turn into a new form in space. Starting from portraits of persons at the periphery of history such as poet and artist Mina Loy (1882–1966) or author and Dada-co-founder Emmy Ball-Hennings (1885–1948), he translates the view on the past to a new layer of visual perception.more

For the 85th time, the Kunstverein Hannover focuses on the diverse scene of contemporary art in lower Saxony in the biennial of the fall exhibition. The exhibition spreads over five spaces – the Kunstverein Hannover, the KUBUS, the NORD/LB art gallery, the Kunstverein Langenhagen and the Galerie vom Zufall und vom Glück – and brings together both internationally renowned positions and new discoveries from art schools in lower saxony and Bremen.more

It is often merely a few objects Jason Dodge sets into relation with a title in order to suggest an obscure story. His works seem rudimentary, incomplete, yet the combination of every day objects, materials that appear in fairy tales such as silver, a diamond, a golden ring or hemlock which immediately evokes the cup lead the viewer into a tightly knit web of allusions. Its denouement, however, always lies in the past or can only take place in the viewer’s imagination. Those objects appearing as „leftovers“ and indications are always subjected to the artist’s careful aesthetic choice. With every story he tells, Jason Dodge places a piece of art in the space. This combination of concept and sensuality creates the field of poetic tension between a fairy tale’s narrative structure and the question of the consummate piece of art in which Jason Dodge’s works are positioned. more