With the exhibition "Signs, Taken in Wonder", the Kunstverein Hannover presents a snapshot of contemporary art production within the context of Turkey and Istanbul. Work from international artists of three generation give a telling insight into the culture and history of a multifacetted metropolis with European, Oriental and Asian influences,more

With+ Samuel Henne* (*1982), *Anahita Razmi* (*1981) und *Fabian Reimann* (*1975), the Kunstverein Hannover presents the works of the three prize winners of the “Kunstverein Award – Atelier Scholarship Villa Minimo“ 2011-2012 in three …more

Every two years the Kunstverein Hannover presents the most recent artistic works from Lower Saxony and Bremen. This exhibition overview is a platform for the many outstanding forms of the contempary art scene in North-Western Germany.more

The Canadian artist Brian Jungen (born 1970), a descendent of the native North American Dane-Zaa people, examines the relationship between native and global culture in his large-scale sculptures and installations.more