From Here and Now

86th Autumun Exhibition by
Artists from Lower Saxony

From Here and Now 86th Autumun Exhibition by Artists from Lower Saxony
Kunstverein Hannover

48 Pieces of Art in 4 Institutions

Opening: Fritday, 28th June 2013
18.00 at the NORD/LB,
19.00 at the Kubus/Galerie vom Zufall und vom Glück,
20.00 at the Kunstverein Hannover
Followed by a party in the Künstlerhaus hall

Participating Artists
Kirsten Achtermann gen. Brand, Degenhard Andrulat, Clara Bahlsen, Dragutin Banic, Thomas Behling, Katrin Bertram, Oliver Blomeier, Felipe Cortés Salinas, Christian Dootz, Britta Ebermann, Jana Engel, Shige Fujishiro, Thomas Ganzenmüller, Daniel Grüttner, Berenice Güttler, Caroline Hake, Sonja Heimann, Birgit Hein, Birte Hennig, Shahin Hesse, Jochen Isensee, Gilta Jansen, Petra Kaltenmorgen, Rosemarie Karl, Delia Keller, Hanswerner Kirschmann, Max Marion Kober, Raimund Kummer, Matthias Langer, Andrea v.Lüdinghausen, Nils Mollenhauer, Lienhard von Monkiewitsch, Tomek Mzyk, Simona Pries, Maximilian Rödel, Frank Rosenthal, Per Olaf Schmidt & Tom Schön, Corinna Schnitt, Christine Schulz, Peter Tuma, Sandy Volz, Julia Werhahn & Luisa Puschendorf, Christopher Wierling, Meike Zopf

as well as the Winners of the »Preis des Kunstvereins – Atelierstipendium Villa Minimo«
Arno Auer, Toulu Hassani und Ingo Mittelstaedt

and the Preisträgerin des »Kunstpreis der Sparkasse Hannover«
Julia Schmid

Every two years the Kunstverein Hannover presents the most recent artistic works from Lower Saxony and Bremen. This exhibition overview is a platform for the many outstanding forms of the contempary art scene in North-Western Germany.

The range of artists invited to participate in the exhibition is selcted by a jury consisting of members from several regions in Germany and was selected from just under 400 applications. Part of the charm of this exhibition surely lies in the fact that the variety of artwork comes from artists of several generations. The exhibition is full of new and old discoveries, surprises and highlights due to the combination of new works from well-known names, new applicants and new discoveries from the acadamies in Braunschweig and Bremen as well as artists which have made a name for themselves both throughout Germany and internationally, all expressing a link to the art scene in Lower Saxony through their participation in the exhibition.

"Autumn Exhibition" refers to a long tradition of exhibitions containing Lower-Saxon art going back over a hundred years, and traditoionally taking place in Autumn. The exhibition has a particular importance for the cultural and cultural-political profile of the Bundesland.

In order to make this all-inclusive insight possible, and to make the presence of the exhibition throughout the city even starker, "From Here and Now" takes place in four different exhibition spaces: at the Kunstverein Hannover, NORD/LB art gallery, Städtischen Galerie KUBUS and the Galerie vom Zufall und vom Glück.

The "Kunstpreis der Sparkasse Hannover" has also been awarded since 1984 as part of the Autumn Exhibition, and this prize consists of €10,000 for the work of an artist living in the Hannover region.