Ricarda Roggan, born (1972) in Dresden and living in Leipzig, is one of the most important photographers in the young generation of German artists. Her photographic series of works highlights the interaction between austere precision and quiet enchantment. Nothing is left out in the worlds created by her images, every inconsequentiality is carefully planned out.more

Christoph Girardet (born 1966) and Matthias Mu?ller (born 1961) work independently in the fields of film, video and photography. The two artists have furthermore developed a joint filmic work that will be presented comprehensively for the first time at the Kunstverein Hannover.more

Tilo Schulz (born 1972) is an artist, curator and author. Since the middle of the 1990’s, he has been developing a complex work which concentrates on questions of presentation and representation of art. In large scale installations and precisely …more

A comprehensive exhibition at the Kunstverein Hannover is dedicated to the complex and distinctive style of Ulla von Brandenburg. In her films, installations, performances and drawings, Von Brandenburg uses methods and approaches from theater to deal with social and historical questions. The boundary between actor and viewer, reality and illusion becomes blured through aspects of stage and theatre which act as metaphors for human interaction.more