This comprehensive show of Koenraad Dedobbeleer’s oeuvre (b. 1975 in Halle / BE, lives in Brussels) focuses primarily on work from recent years and was developed in cooperation with Kunst Museum Winterthur and Wiels contemporary art center. Sitting …more

The presentation at Kunstverein Hannover is American artist Kaari Upson’s (b. 1972 in San Bernadino, lives in Los Angeles) first institutional exhibition in Germany. Upson’s multilayered sculptural, drawing-based, and cinematic works explore …more

In his medium-spanning artistic oeuvre, Manuel Graf (b. 1978 in Bühl, lives in Düsseldorf) pursues a critical confrontation at the boundary between social utopia and real everyday reality. Precisely observed, his works offer a kaleidoscopic look at …more

Henrike Naumann’s (b. 1984) artistic practice takes »German-German unification« and its consequences as its starting point. What happened after 1989, and how has identity been shaped since then? …more