*In cooperation with the Sprengel Museum, where it will be on display until 11.09.2022.* …more

The Kunstverein Hannover hosts the first institutional solo exhibition by Kameelah Janan Rasheed in Germany. Rasheed is curious about knowledge: how it is created, challenged, embodied, [de]legitmized, stored, indexed, hidden, and [un]learned …more


Since 1953, the Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e. V. awards the prestigious ars viva prize for visual arts annually to outstanding artists being under the age of 35 living in Germany. The jury focuses on works that display an independent …more


Central to American artist Pieter Schoolwerth’s (b. 1970 in St. Louis, lives in NYC) practice is a reflection of the human being, as it finds itself suspended between stasis and flux, and all the complexity and fragmentation that entails …more

A groundswell of complex events around the globe have made discussion surrounding the Western Eurocentric, often prejudiced notion of »Blackness« even more relevant and controversial in recent years. Social conflicts in Western societies that were …more

*Monika Baer, Nairy Baghramian, Gwenneth Boelens, Miriam Cahn, Lone Haugaard Madsen, Georg Herold, Ane Mette Hol, Nicolas Jasmin, Park McArthur, Rune Mields, Hana Miletić, Olga Pedan, Jewyo Rhii, Stefan Sandner, Michael E. Smith, Clare Stephenson, …more

Kunstverein Hannover is showcasing recent work by former recipients of the »Prize of the Kunstverein Hannover« (2016–2018) in three parallel exhibitions by Isabel Nuño de Buen, Julian Öffler and Lukas Zerbst …more


This comprehensive show of Koenraad Dedobbeleer’s oeuvre (b. 1975 in Halle / BE, lives in Brussels) focuses primarily on work from recent years and was developed in cooperation with Kunst Museum Winterthur and Wiels contemporary art center. Sitting …more

The presentation at Kunstverein Hannover is American artist Kaari Upson’s (b. 1972 in San Bernadino, lives in Los Angeles) first institutional exhibition in Germany. Upson’s multilayered sculptural, drawing-based, and cinematic works explore …more

In his medium-spanning artistic oeuvre, Manuel Graf (b. 1978 in Bühl, lives in Düsseldorf) pursues a critical confrontation at the boundary between social utopia and real everyday reality. Precisely observed, his works offer a kaleidoscopic look at …more

Henrike Naumann’s (b. 1984) artistic practice takes »German-German unification« and its consequences as its starting point. What happened after 1989, and how has identity been shaped since then? …more


With *Slavs and Tatars*, the Kunstverein Hannover presents an exhibition of works by the internationally-renowned art collective whose work about Eurasia mixes high and low, pop culture and esoterica, faith and satire in ways rarely witnessed in the …more

Opening on Friday, 23. of February 2018 …more

*Kunstverein Hannover/Städtische Galerie KUBUS/Galerie »Vom Zufall und vom Glück«/Haus &* *Grundeigentum/Arena Suites Hannover* …more

Opening on Friday, 25th of May at 8pm …more


With Laura Bielau, Susann Dietrich, Claudia Piepenbrock, and Christian Retschlag, the Kunstverein Hannover is presenting works by former recipients of the Preis des Kunstvereins—Atelierstipendium Villa Minimo 2015–17 in four concurrent exhibitions.more

The impact of medialization, digitization, technology, science, and the imaginary worlds of artificial intelligence on our modern ego have long been a key topic in the work of performer and musician Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (b. 1951). Her rich multimedia oeuvre fusing introspection, complex interdisciplinary theories, ancient mysticism and new fields of research spans some 40 years of artistic production...more

With “Sündenbock” (Scapegoat), the Kunstverein Hannover presents the most comprehensive exhibition of Erik van Lieshout (*1968, lives in Rotterdam) in Germany to date. In a both ruthlessly direct and satirical-humorous manner, his groups of …more

Kunstverein Hannover

*Produktion. Made in Germany Drei* …more


In recent years, Susan Philipsz (*1965 in Glasgow, lives and works in Berlin) has developed numerous arresting sound installations in public and institutional space. For more than two decades, the Scottish artist, who was awarded the Turner Prize in …more

Experimenting with material as well as with the body is the point of departure and defines the artistic work of Alexandra Bircken (*1967, lives in Cologne). Her sculptural works are of different, often contrasting nature: plaster models, wax, …more

Presenting the works of Arno Auer (*1977 in Munich), Toulu Hassani (*1984 in Ahwaz, Iran), and Ingo Mittelstaedt (*1978 in Berlin) Kunstverein Hannover is showing three parallel exhibitions of former recipients of the Kunstverein Award, the Studio …more


The sculptures of the American Michael E. Smith are made from objects that can be found on the street or at the dump—household items, dead animals, or organic materials. Plastic objects, hoses, basketballs, or articles of clothing are combined to a …more

*Lee Friedlander, Mishka Henner, Camille Henrot, Yngve Holen, Pierre Huyghe, Lorna Mills, Katja Novitskova, Julien Prévieux, Jon Rafman, Thomas Ruff, Avery Singer, Hito Steyerl, Michael Wolf* …more

*Kunstverein Hannover/NORD/LB art gallery/Städtische Galerie KUBUS /Galerie »Vom Zufall und vom Glück«* …more

The first major German solo exhibition of the French artist Jean-Luc Moulène (born 1955) marks the start of the Kunstverein Hannover’s 2015 program under its new director Kathleen Rahn …more

In »Mental Diary« six artists from different generations reflect on their everyday lives in photographs, drawings, paintings, and films. Subjective observations and experiences are captured and archived in a range of different positions and …more


Ricarda Roggan, born (1972) in Dresden and living in Leipzig, is one of the most important photographers in the young generation of German artists. Her photographic series of works highlights the interaction between austere precision and quiet enchantment. Nothing is left out in the worlds created by her images, every inconsequentiality is carefully planned out.more

Christoph Girardet (born 1966) and Matthias Mu?ller (born 1961) work independently in the fields of film, video and photography. The two artists have furthermore developed a joint filmic work that will be presented comprehensively for the first time at the Kunstverein Hannover.more

Tilo Schulz (born 1972) is an artist, curator and author. Since the middle of the 1990’s, he has been developing a complex work which concentrates on questions of presentation and representation of art. In large scale installations and precisely …more

A comprehensive exhibition at the Kunstverein Hannover is dedicated to the complex and distinctive style of Ulla von Brandenburg. In her films, installations, performances and drawings, Von Brandenburg uses methods and approaches from theater to deal with social and historical questions. The boundary between actor and viewer, reality and illusion becomes blured through aspects of stage and theatre which act as metaphors for human interaction.more


With the exhibition "Signs, Taken in Wonder", the Kunstverein Hannover presents a snapshot of contemporary art production within the context of Turkey and Istanbul. Work from international artists of three generation give a telling insight into the culture and history of a multifacetted metropolis with European, Oriental and Asian influences,more

With+ Samuel Henne* (*1982), *Anahita Razmi* (*1981) und *Fabian Reimann* (*1975), the Kunstverein Hannover presents the works of the three prize winners of the “Kunstverein Award – Atelier Scholarship Villa Minimo“ 2011-2012 in three …more

Every two years the Kunstverein Hannover presents the most recent artistic works from Lower Saxony and Bremen. This exhibition overview is a platform for the many outstanding forms of the contempary art scene in North-Western Germany.more

The Canadian artist Brian Jungen (born 1970), a descendent of the native North American Dane-Zaa people, examines the relationship between native and global culture in his large-scale sculptures and installations.more


In virtuoso drawings and expansive sculptures, the Cuban artist group Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters) intelligently and humorously combines fine art and the applied arts into visual allegories of the present. The use of manual manufacturing processes and the preferred use of wood led in the 1990s to the name of the artist collective that originally encompassed three artists and since 2003 the duo comprising Marco Castillo (born 1971) and Dagoberto Rodríguez (born 1969). more

The Kunstverein Hannover presents the first institutional solo exhibition in Europe by the American painter Hernan Bas (born 1978 in Miami, lives in Detroit). The son of Cuban parents, he grew up in Miami and developed in part large-format paintings depicting fantastic, dreamlike landscapes whose protagonists convey a melancholic romanticism.more

The Belgian artist Hans Opo de Beeck (*1969, lives in Brussels) made his name through playing with illusion and the staging of atmospheric situations.more

From May to August 2012 the Sprengel Museum Hannover, the kestnergesellschaft and the Kunstverein Hannover will jointly present a large overview of the contemporary international art scene in Germany titled MADE IN GERMANY ZWEI. more


The Irish artist Eva Rothschild (born 1972, lives and works in London) is one of the most important protagonists of a generation of young artists dealing with the formal aspects of sculpture. Influenced by minimalism of the nineteen sixties and seventies, Eva Rothschild’s works convince through their tension-filled combinations of such diverse materials as leather, paper, Plexiglas, wood and metal. more

With Özlem Sulak (*1979) and Sebastian Neubauer (*1980), the Kunstverein Hannover presents a double exhibition of works by the two winners of the 2008 “Preis des Kunstvereins – Atelierstipendium Villa Minimo .” The emphasis of the representative work survey is placed on the pieces made during their two-year stay at the studio house of the Kunstverein Hannover.more

Markus Schinwald (born 1973), whose complex on-site installations have most recently been on show at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Zurich (2008), the Kunsthaus Bregenz (2009) and the Kunsthalle Budapest (2009), is among the most distinguished Austrian artists of his generation.more

Sebastian Neubauer (born 1980 in Hameln) studied at the Hochschule für Bildende in Künste in Braunschweig and held the grant of the Kunstverein Hannover together with Özlem Sulak at the “Villa Minimo” studio house for the past two years. During the two-year grant period he further developed his wide-ranging artistic activities that encompass films, performances as well as the curating of readings and event series. more

The international exhibition project Über die Metapher des Wachstums [On the Metaphor of Growth] is a cooperation between the Kunstverein Hannover, the Frankfurt Kunstverein and the Kunsthaus Baselland. Each of the three exhibitions place a different accent on artistic dealings with the concept of growth, demonstrating its present-day ambivalence in economic, biological and social contexts.more


The Kunstverein Hannover and the Sprengel Museum Hannover present one of the most comprehensive surveys of the work by the concept artist Timm Ulrichs (born 1940). Timm Ulrichs’ oeuvre not only has an undisputed art historical importance, but has also gained a new relevance against the backdrop of contemporary art production. This joint exhibition project is thus not only occasioned by Timm Ulrichs’ 70th birthday and five decades of artistic activities in Hannover, but also by the significance of his work, which is still pertinent in the context of recent contemporary art through the increased recourse to conceptual paradigms. The double exhibition encompasses his early works from the nineteen sixties to recent productions that have been developed especially for this exhibition.more

The immense depth effect of David Schnell’s (*1971) large-scale paintings virtually pullst he viewer into the pictorial space. The focus of his equally emotional and analytical image worlds is set on the examination of lanscape and spacial construction in the image space. With the use of different vanishing point perspectives and a caleidoscopic dynamic sampling of space, the Leipzig-based painter redefines the genre of landscape painting.more

Under the title “Onomatopoeia”, the Kunstverein Hannover proudly presents the latest works by Scottish artist Charles Avery (born 1973), who has devoted himself exclusively to the creation of a fictional island archipelago since 2004. In detailed, large-scale drawings, installations, sculptures and objects, Avery forms a bizarre imaginary reality out of diverse philosophical ideas and concepts: Fabulous creatures, deities, tourists and adventurers are embedded in a complex social structure, merging into an entire cosmos that ranges between pure fantasy and theoretical reflection.more

Matthias Bitzer combines sculpture, wall drawing and installation to form an experience space of history. The works are positioned in the tension field between abstract and figurative imaging techniques that overlay each other and turn into a new form in space. Starting from portraits of persons at the periphery of history such as poet and artist Mina Loy (1882–1966) or author and Dada-co-founder Emmy Ball-Hennings (1885–1948), he translates the view on the past to a new layer of visual perception.more

For the 85th time, the Kunstverein Hannover focuses on the diverse scene of contemporary art in lower Saxony in the biennial of the fall exhibition. The exhibition spreads over five spaces – the Kunstverein Hannover, the KUBUS, the NORD/LB art gallery, the Kunstverein Langenhagen and the Galerie vom Zufall und vom Glück – and brings together both internationally renowned positions and new discoveries from art schools in lower saxony and Bremen.more

It is often merely a few objects Jason Dodge sets into relation with a title in order to suggest an obscure story. His works seem rudimentary, incomplete, yet the combination of every day objects, materials that appear in fairy tales such as silver, a diamond, a golden ring or hemlock which immediately evokes the cup lead the viewer into a tightly knit web of allusions. Its denouement, however, always lies in the past or can only take place in the viewer’s imagination. Those objects appearing as „leftovers“ and indications are always subjected to the artist’s careful aesthetic choice. With every story he tells, Jason Dodge places a piece of art in the space. This combination of concept and sensuality creates the field of poetic tension between a fairy tale’s narrative structure and the question of the consummate piece of art in which Jason Dodge’s works are positioned. more


In his drawings, texts, objects, photographs and videos, Friedrich Kunath deals with such themes as longing, melancholy, loneliness, wanderlust and wistfulness from a subjective viewpoint that finds expression in titles like Homesick, I am a stranger here or I may not always love you. He combines personal life experiences with literary, musical or art historical references into visual, ironic commentaries in various media. The installative total context of his exhibitions forms narrative contexts between the individual pieces that lead to the viewer to a fantastic world of associations.more

Simon Dybbroe Møller subjects twentieth-century avant-garde to a subjective revision in his work. The installations, collages, films, and sculptures play with works of Minimal At and Concept Art as well as Constructivism, De Stijl or the Bauhaus and transform their conceptual strategies into narrations that are as sentimental as they are analytical.more

David Thorpe (born 1972) has developed parallel worlds of breathtaking beauty since the late nineteen nineties whose visionary character is fed by his passion for utopian ways of life. Thorpe’s collages, sculptures, and space-filling installations are characterized by the meticulous application of handicraft techniques and unusual combinations of materials.more

The short films, sculptures, and installations by João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva move in the area between myth and science, and they tell of nature’s magic and mysteries. The spatial combination and juxtaposition of documentaries dealing with simple, quasi scientific experiments, observations on nature, short wondrous narrations and extrasensory phenomena challenges the usual perception of the world and moves in metaphysical dimensions. more

The dialogic structure of the exhibition program is taken up in the Oppositions & Dialogues exhibition and examined based on works of art from the nineteen sixties to the present.more

This double exhibition with works by Claudia Kapp (born 1972) and Jacqueline Doyen (born 1978) is devoted to the two recipients of the 2006 “Prize of the Kunstverein Hannover.” The focus of their works’ representative overview lies upon the results of their two-year residency at the Villa Minimo, the studio house of the Kunstverein Hannover. more


Omer Fast (born 1972) is among the most distinctive film and video artists of the younger generation. The works by the Jerusalem-born and, since 2001, Berlin-based artist have attracted attention in recent years in exhibitions at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburg, the Museum of Art in Indianapolis, and the MUMOK in Vienna, where, among other works, he presented The Casting (2007) for the first time: a multi-channel video that was awarded one of the most prestigious international art prizes in April 2008 in conjunction with the Whitney Biennale at the Whitney Museum of American Art.more

As the only survey exhibition dealing with contemporary art in Lower Saxony and Bremen, the Fall Exhibition occupies a significant place in the state’s cultural and educational profile. A total of 36 artistic positions selected from over 390 entries will be presented from June 28 to August 17 at the Kunstverein Hannover, the Nord/LB art gallery and the Kunsthalle Faust.more

The Kunstverein Hannover understands itself as a point of intersection in the transmission of regional, national, and international contemporary art. With the PLATTFORM series conceived as an annual event, the Kunstverein Hannover wants to heighten awareness in the regional art scene on the one hand and to direct the public's attention to the extremely important relationship between artistic training, art teaching and art education on the other. Against this background, PLATTFORM was previously organised as a cooperative project with two art academies, the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig and the Fachhochschule in Hannover and was continued in the last years together with the HFBK Hamburg and the Art Academy Malmø in Sweden.more

The artist Adrian Paci (born 1969) from Shkodra in north-western Albania achieved wide recognition through a video that is basically comprised of a single shot: The artist arranged 18 day labourers from his hometown Shkodra into a group picture on the steps of a stadium. They all sit next to a generator that supplies current to light bulb. Their “task” is solely to turn on the generator and then to hold the shining light bulb. The day goes by, and the radiance increases as if nothing had happened. Their faces show only their apathetic dedication to this Sisyphean-like negation of work. The video that veers between Beckett’s absurdist theatre and a sociological study captivates by means of its interleaving of collective, social, and aesthetical poetic dimensions. more

With the Australian artist Leigh Bowery (1961–1994), the Kunstverein Hannover devotes itself to one of the most colourful border crossers of the London club, fashion, and art scene of the 1980s and 1990s. Bowery, who moved from Australia to London in 1980, made his (homo)sexuality a means of aesthetic expression, and he consciously used his own body in his excessive abundance as an artistic media. more

The Cultural Circle of the German Economy in the Federal Association of German Industry awards the “ars viva” art prize in conjunction with an exhibition series since 1953 that has established itself as one of the most important art prizes in the Federal Republic of Germany. Accordingly, the list of previous prize winners ranging from Gerhard Merz, Rosemarie Trockel, and Olaf Metzel to Albert Oehlen, Amelie von Wulffen, and Wolfgang Tillmans reads like a who’s who of the contemporary art scene. The series thanks its special quality to thematic emphases that each engages in topical and aesthetic discussions, for example questions dealing with “time” or “identity.” By deciding on the subject matter of “sound,” the Cultural Circle responds its growing importance in contemporary art.more


What Aernout Mik gives us to see remains even more in our memory because it structurally remains insolvably mysterious in spite of their virtuoso cinematic descriptiveness. Since the successes of his pieces "Reversal Room", "Glutinosity", and "Middlemen" (all 2001) at the very latest, the Dutch artist born in Groningen in 1962 can be counted amongst the most renown video artists of his generation.more

The exhibition aspires to discuss current artistic production in Germany in conjunction with the broad-based internationality of the artistic scene here. The title "Made in Germany" is to be understood programmatically insofar as it no longer primarily connects questions of artistic identity to origins and biography, but rather in the context of the production site. Against this backdrop, an examination of the conditions and potentials of artistic production in Germany will play a major role within the entire project.more

Mark Manders has developed installative sculptural works since the late 1980s that are laid out as fragments of a self-portrait in the form of imaginary rooms. Since participating at the XXIV Biennale in São Paolo (1998), the Venice Biennale (2001), and the Documenta XI (2002), the Dutch artist (born 1968) has emerged as one of the most distinctive and independent positions within the international sculptural practice of the present day.more

With the double exhibition Stefan Jeep (born 1968) and Ho-Yeol Ryu (born 1971), the Kunstverein Hannover presents the two winners of the Kunstverein Prize 2004. The show encompassing the entire Kunstverein represents the winners' first comprehensive solo exhibitions in a nationwide exhibition space. The artists will primarily show the results of their two-year stay at the Kunstverein's studio house, the Villa Minimo.more

he Kunstverein Hannover understands itself as the intersection for the dissemination of regional, national, and international contemporary art. Along with the yearly rotating PLATTFORM series initiated in 2004, the Kunstverein Hannover turns the public' attention to the relationship between artistic training, art teaching and art education, a relationship which is of eminent importance for the entire art world. more


John Armleder (born 1954) is one of the most important and influential Swiss artists of the present day. He deals with art itself by means of his wide-ranging stylistic and formulaic vocabulary, thereby creating an inimitable universe of diverse and impressive works that vary between the fields of art, design, concept, geometry, Pop, and Trash. Well-known due his many international exhibitions such as at the Venice Biennale and in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Armleder, who has been a professor at the HBK Braunschweig since 1994, constantly re-asks the questions about what art is, and what art can do, and what art is allowed.more

The Kunstverein Hannover understands itself as a focal point for the presentation of regional, national and international contemporary art. On a local level, the Kunstverein Hannover is the only Lower Saxon institution to present a wide-ranging survey of the state's outstanding young artistic positions, the "Herbstausstellung" (Autumn Exhibition), which takes places every two years. With PLATTFORM, which was conceived an annual event, the Kunstverein Hannover wants to increase awareness in the regional art scene as well as to direct the general public's attention to the extraordinarily important relationship between teaching, studying and art education for the entire art world. Against this background, PLATTFORM was previously set up as a joint project with the state's two largest art colleges, the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig and the Fachhochschule in Hannover. more

As the only survey of Lower Saxon contemporary art, the "Herbstausstellung" (Autumn Exhibition) is incalculably important for the cultural and educational policy profile of the state. To suitably present the wide-range of positions created here, the Kunstverein Hannover endeavors to find additional exhibition partners for each presentation. In order to present as concentrated an overall view of the most important positions in the Lower Saxon art scene as possible, we have previously limited ourselves to additional exhibition venues in Hannover. more


The exhibition attempts to bring together two tendencies which have come to the forefront of contemporary art and to investigate their structural significance – on the one hand the deepening involvement of art with cinematography and with the figures of narration which are typical of this medium, and on the other hand a concomitant and distinctly evident fascination with the unfathomable.more

Since the end of the 1980s, the Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung has built up under the guidance of the curators Heinz Liesbrock (Josef Albers Museum, Bottrop), Dieter Schwarz (Kunstmuseum Winterthur) and Thomas Weski (Haus der Kunst, Munich) a remarkable collection of international contemporary art.more

The Kunstverein Hannover conceives of itself as an interface for the presentation of regional, national and international contemporary art. On the regional level, the institution is unique in conducting with its autumn exhibition, which takes place every two years, a consistent, panoramic survey of the outstanding young artistic positions in Lower Saxony. With the annual event PLATFORM, the Kunstverein Hanover wishes on the one hand to further and to enhance emphatically an awareness of the regional artistic scene, and on the other hand to stimulate public interest in that interrelationship between education, apprenticeship and the provision of exhibitions which is so crucial for the entire range of artistic activity.more

Georg Herold, born in Jena in 1947, has since the 1980s numbered among those distinctively characteristic figures of contemporary art who have achieved recognition on the international level. His work has accordingly been displayed at almost all the trendsetting group exhibitions of the last decades, including the documenta IX and the Sculpture Projects Münster 1997.more

The photographs of Gregory Crewdson portray the world of small American towns as an unfathomable cinematographic dream. Upon the water-covered floor of a living room, a female figure in white lingerie lies staring at the ceiling with glazed eyes. A prefabricated wooden house along the murky street of a small town is surrounded by perplexed firemen and policemen. A girl in pyjamas stands stiffly in front of a school bus which, shining in warm yellow, waits in front of her house in the middle of the night. Proceeding from Freud‘s essay concerning the Uncanny, the photographer, who was born in 1962 in New York, has been creating ever since the middle of the 1980s pictures filled with seductive beauty along with fundamental irritation and disquiet. Himself an influential teacher at the Yale School of Art in New Haven, Crewdson combines in his photography the principles of the two major schools of photography at Yale.more

With Antje Schiffers (*1967) and Thomas Ganzenmüller (*1966) the Kunstverein Hannover is presenting the two recipients of the 2002 Award of the Kunstverein in a double exhibition which includes all its available spaces. In what is for each of them the first comprehensive solo exhibition in an institution whose exhibits receive attention beyond the regional level, the two artists are essentially presenting the fruits of their two years‘ residence in the studio house of the Kunstverein Hannover, Villa Minimo.more


TAUCHFAHRTEN (DIVING TRIPS) is a thematic exhibition project that intends to examine the relationship between visibility and invisibility in contemporary art based on the medium of drawing. This discussion based on the perspective of the drawing has proven itself to be fruitful because its basic ambivalence between being a preparatory work, usually a sketch, that remains invisible to the viewer, and a valid, autonomous work that encompasses the above mentioned balance between disappearance and presence.more

The Kunstverein Hannover understands itself to be a point of intersection for imparting regional, national and international contemporary art. At the regional level, the Fall Exhibition, which takes place every two years, is the only institution in Lower Saxony that consistently presents an overview of excellent local young artistic positions. With PLATTFORM, intended as an annual event, the Kunstverein wishes on the one hand to increase awareness of the regional art scene and to draw public attention to the important connection between education, training and exhibition communication on the other. more

As the only overview show dealing with contemporary art in Lower Saxony, the Fall Exhibition has a great deal of importance for the cultural and art political profile of the state. In order to give the breadth of the positions developed here an adequate platform, the Kunstverein looks for further exhibition partners for every presentation, and to provide as intensive an overview of the most important Lower Saxon positions as possible, our search is limited to sites in Hannover.more

The works by the Austrian artist Peter Kogler (born 1959), a two-time Documenta participant, are made up of only a few sign-like elements. Since 1984, he has developed complicated and enterable labyrinths on walls, floors and ceilings from motifs of the human brain, ants and pipes. Unlike any other contemporary artistic oeuvre, he formulates specific images for a world that is increasingly being ruled by the flow of information and electronic communications, and connects this visualization simultaneously to the physical experience of placelessness and disorientationmore

With Ingrid Calame (born 1965), Mathilde ter Heijne (born 1969) and Jörg Wagner (born 1967) the Kunstverein Hannover presents three young artists, whose complex and promising works have until now been seen in part by a larger German public only. Their medial and contextual methods are, however, too diverse, that a joint exhibition can be comfortably united under the singular label of a thematic show. more

For about decade, Leni Hoffmann (born 1962), who lives and works in Düsseldorf, has been following a highly complex and aesthetically convincing pictorial concept. Her consistently innovative und surprising variations explore that prolific boundary between painting and sculpture, between space and surface. more


With the international group show "Die Sehnsucht des Kartografen" (The Cartographer's Longing), the Kunstverein ends it program for 2003 that dealt with orientation and identity. More than twenty contemporary artists from home and abroad examine the importance of systems of order such as cartography, archival structures and scientific systematizations for today's artistic production. Some of the works were realized exclusively for the Kunstverein and supported by an exhibition dramaturgy that even includes the lobby and the library. more

Walter Niedermayr (born 1952 in Bolzano, South Tirol), is among the most important photographers of his generation. He achieved international recognition with his first large cycle, "Die Bleichen Berge" (The Pale Mountains), which was bestowed with the "European Photography Award" in 1995.more

Oliver Boberg's (born 1965 in Herten) photographs and films depict places that seem all too familiar at first sight. Their reality is that of omnipresent non-places, which could be anywhere and nowhere. His works awake collective memories of all of those underpasses and backyards that one has presumably seen countless times and which have impressed themselves in our minds as archetypical images.more

Kunstverein Hannover

Since his appearances at the Venice Biennale 2001 and the Documenta 11, Luc Tuymans can be counted among the most important international painters of his generation. The Belgian artist, who was born in 1958 in Mortsel/Antwerp, has developed an extraordinarily complex oeuvre since the late 1980s thatquestions the status of the picture in the gulf between presentation and representation. more

For more than a decade, the skeletons, stuffed bears and bisons, as well as the scientific categorizations and ecological tables by the American artist Mark Dion (born 1961 in New Bedford, Massachusetts) belong to the most fascinating eye-catchers in international exhibitions. In the show Mark Dion – Encyclomania, the Kunstverein Hannover presents an overview of Dion's sensuous and theoretical installations and drawings since 1992, presenting a comprehensive panorama of the artist's diverse aesthetic concepts.more


With the exhibition ON STAGE, the Kunstverein Hannover has taken on one of the central themes of contemporary art: theatricality and stage-like aspects in current artistic production. Twelve European and American artists have created an impressive crossover between contemporary art and theatre. Most of the videos, installations, sculptures and photographs were made especially for this exhibition, which was conceived in cooperation with the Villa Merkel in Esslingenmore

The installations of the Afro-American artist Kara Walker, who was born in 1969 and lives in Rhode Island, have been shown in various group exhibitions in Europe over the last several years. Especially for the Kunstverein Hannover, the artist creates a parcours with life-size black silhouettes, colored light projections, drawings and texts.more

The "Herbstausstellung" (Fall Exhibition) of the Kunstverein Hannover offers an overview of the current art scene in Lower Saxony. It was accompanied by solo presentations of works by the winners of the Kunstverein Prize 2002-2004, Antje Schiffers (born 1967) und Thomas Ganzenmüller (born 1966). A special presentation was devoted to the winner of the Stadtsparkasse Art Prize 2002, Rüdiger Stanko.more

The new exhibition in the Kunstverein Hannover is devoted to the substantial body of work by one of Japan's most important present-day photographers (* 1958). Since the mid-1980s Hatakeyama, who lives and works in Tokyo, has developed an oeuvre which is for the most part architectural in nature, but influenced by scientific like archeological interests.more

David Claerbout was born in 1969 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Since his recent appearance at the 2nd berlin biennale and his exhibition at the Galerie Johnen & Schöttle and Galerie Micheline Swajczer, Claerbout can be counted among today's most promising talents in the field of artistic video production. Living in Brussels and originally trained as a painter, the artist utilizes in his installations either overlays from static slide images and subtly moving video projections or straight video projections, which sometime react via sensors to the movements of the visitors.more

In a comprehensive exhibition covering a span of twenty five years, the Kunstverein Hanover will bepresenting in conjunction with the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, as its first project of the year 2002, theAmerican painter DAVID REED (born 1946), who, along with Philip Taaffe, Jonathan Lasker and Bernard Frize, belongs in the forefront of contemporary painting.more


This exhibition had the goal of investigating the intersection between the fields of architecture, sculpture and models in recent contemporary art.more

At the center of the works by 24 international artists shown in the Kunstverein was the observation that artistic preparatory designs since the nineteen eighties are less concerned with the classical dialectic between surface and content, but rather with the textualization, visualization of the surface itself.more

The two winners of the Prize of the Kunstverein Hannover, Hannes Kater and Björn Melhus, showed their latest works und large-scale installations to coincide with the end of their stipendiums in the eight galleries in the Kunstverein. more

Especially for the exhibition at the Kunstverein Hannover Stephan Huber has designed new, extensive works. The complete exhibition parcours seems to be a walk through a house or an apartment. more


The German artist Gerhard Merz carried out a comprehensive work for the Kunstverein Hannover during the year of the Expo 2000. more